How much does it cost to charter a boat in the Bahamas

Private Charters Bahamas

Are you dreaming of sailing through crystal-clear waters and exploring the stunning islands of the Bahamas on your terms? If so, you might be wondering: How much does it cost to charter a boat in this beautiful paradise?

What’s the Deal with Private Charters Bahamas?

Imagine this: a warm breeze, the sun painting the sky with vibrant hues, and the shimmering turquoise waters of the Bahamas stretching as far as the eye can see. Now, picture yourself sailing through this paradise on your very own private boat. Sounds like a dream, right? But, what does it take to turn this dream into reality?

How Much Does a Private Charter in the Bahamas Cost?

Have you ever envisioned yourself immersed in the beauty of the Bahamas, sailing on your private boat, exploring the wonders of this breathtaking paradise? The idea itself sparks excitement! But, what does it cost to turn this dream into an unforgettable reality?

If you’ve been pondering the expenses of a private charter in the Bahamas, the answer varies depending on your preferences. Let’s delve into some thrilling options offered by Pieces of 8 Tours:

Exuma Cays Adventure – Private Charter at $7,280.00:

Embark on an adventure that includes swimming with pigs, encountering sharks, feeding Rock Iguanas, along with lunch, educational dialogues at each stop, and refreshing beverages on the boat.

Pink Sands Escape – Private Charter at $6,980.00:

Dive into a day of swimming with Eleuthera, pigs, and turtles, enjoy lunch at Valentine’s Resort or Shipyard Restaurant, relax at Harbour Island’s Pink Sands Beach, and savor water and beer onboard.

Northern Exuma Escape – Private Charter at $5,780.00:

Explore a three-Cay tour, feed Rock Iguanas, snorkel around a sunken airplane wreck, relish lunch at Xuma Restaurant, Highbourne Cay, and unwind at a sandbar or pristine beach while enjoying light refreshments and beer onboard.

Rose Island Getaway – Full Day Private Charter at $4,480.00:

Experience a guided boat tour of Nassau Harbour, visit historic forts and Paradise Island, observe sea turtles at Green Cay, relax at Rose Island’s beaches, savor lunch at Footprints Beach Bar & Grill, and indulge in water and beer onboard.

Rose Island Getaway – Half Day Private Charter at $2,800.00:

Enjoy a guided boat tour, explore historic forts, spot sea turtles, unwind at Rose Island’s beaches, relish lunch, and engage in exciting activities while enjoying water and beer onboard.

So, when considering the cost of a private charter in the Bahamas, it’s essential to weigh the experiences and inclusions tailored to your preferences. The possibilities are endless, offering you an adventure of a lifetime!

The Perfect Season for Your Private Charter Adventure

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to planning your private charter adventure in the Bahamas! You might wonder: when is the prime time to set sail and immerse yourself in the beauty of these stunning islands?

According to seasoned seafarers and local wisdom, the months between November and April are often hailed as the sweet spot for indulging in a private charter experience. During this period, the Bahamas’ weather tends to be particularly splendid, offering calm seas, gentle breezes, and ample sunshine.

Can you imagine cruising through these breathtaking waters under the warm winter sun, exploring hidden treasures and basking in the serene ambiance? It’s the ideal time to let your worries drift away and embrace the magic of the Bahamas.

The Perfect Season for Your Private Charter Adventure

Tailored Experiences:

Pieces of 8 Tours understands that every adventurer is unique. They specialize in curating bespoke experiences, ensuring your private charter aligns perfectly with your desires, whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family adventure.

Affordable Luxury:

Who says luxury has to come with an extravagant price tag? Pieces of 8 Tours strikes the perfect balance, offering top-notch services and amenities without breaking the bank. Your dream charter becomes an affordable reality with their competitive rates.

Expert Guidance: 

Their experienced team doesn’t just offer charters; they provide expert guidance. From suggesting the best routes to sharing insider tips on hidden gems, their knowledge ensures you make the most of your Bahamas journey.

Fleet Variety: 

With a diverse fleet of vessels ranging from luxurious yachts to charming boats, Pieces of 8 Tours offers a wide selection. Whether you seek opulence or a cozy adventure, they have the perfect vessel to suit your preferences.

Transparent Pricing: 

No hidden costs or surprises! Pieces of 8 Tours believes in transparency. They provide clear pricing structures, ensuring you know exactly what’s included in your package, giving you peace of mind throughout your adventure.

Exceptional Service: 

From the moment you inquire to the last wave goodbye, expect nothing but exceptional service. The team at Pieces of 8 Tours is dedicated to ensuring your charter experience is seamless, memorable, and filled with joy.


To wrap it up, renting a private charter in the Bahamas opens up a world of adventure and relaxation. Now that you have some insights into the costs, inclusions, and the best time to go, why not make it happen?

For more information or to book your dream charter, reach out to Pieces of 8 Tours at info@piecesof8charters.com or give them a call at +1 (242) 828 7447.

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